Achal Chaurasia analyzes the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war’s impact on the food systems and alerts on the impending threats to food security all around the world.

Achal Chaurasia
3 min readJun 3, 2022

Mr. Achal Chaurasia is a respected individual in the current economic landscape, serving as an inspiration to a number of aspiring entrepreneurs. Recently, Mr. Chaurasia has been pondering the current situation in Ukraine, and how it is impacting food security all around the globe.

Chaurasia explains, “As Russia invaded Ukraine, the entire globe is facing and will continue to face its serious repercussions. A severe food crisis seems imminent as the war is pushing energy and foodgrain prices to reach the sky’s limit. The Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN and major economists all over the world are warning countries against widespread hunger and famine”

Russia and Ukraine are the two major exporters of food grains that are staples in many parts of the world. Both of them together are responsible for the supply of 30% of wheat and 17% of barley. When it comes to sunflower oil, Ukraine is the largest exporter in the world, and both Russia and Ukraine account for more than 50% of its export.

By underlining their share in the global market, Mr. Achal Chauraisa revealed how the disruptions caused in the global supply chain will impact different parts of the world, more importantly, the countries that are highly dependent on these two countries for their food commodities. These are predominantly developing countries in North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Mr. Achal Chaurasia pointed out that the countries are already suffering from high inflation because of the pandemic. The food security of these countries was already grappling with the challenges posed by covid-19 and climate change. Moreover, the Russia-Ukraine crisis is aggravating the existing situation.

He warns that this issue is more intense than it seems. It is not only the supply of a few particular food grains that have been disrupted but the growth of foodgrains in a lot of countries is also facing major obstacles. Russia, the largest fertilizer exporter in the world, has pressed pause in the export of fertilizers. This, along with the surge in energy prices, has spiraled the prices of crucial fertilizers upwards, giving another blow to the food security of countries.

Mr. Chaurasia also raises concern over the social and political instability that is often witnessed in regions where food security is compromised.

“The vulnerable populations are at the highest risk of getting hit by this food crisis. The governments of respective countries should step in and take action to ensure that the impact of this war is minimal. As FAO has stated, well-targeted social protection is the key”, says Mr. Achal Chaurasia. He holds that during uncertain times of crisis, interventions must be made to protect every human being’s right to food.

Mr. Achal Chaurasia serves as a director of Arc Agrochemical LLP. Until now, he had a remarkable entrepreneurial journey and made quite an impression all around the globe. He also made some crucial contributions toward bringing out the potential of our current startup industry. Therefore, thinking about the future of our entire business sector he can’t ignore the impacts on food security because of the current situation in Ukraine. We all must prepare ourselves, and try to cope with any difficulties that might arise in the near future.

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