Why is Binomo better than Forex?

Achal Chaurasia
4 min readDec 22, 2022

With so many online trading platforms, choosing one may be a difficult task. In such situations, we must know the hot trading options before going into the world of trading. As you don’t want to start with the trials and end up losing the game in the end.

If you are someone who wants to trade but doesn’t have a huge amount of money for it, Binomo might be the best choice. It is a very safe platform and has a low minimum investment amount which makes it easier for beginners like me to try out trading with smaller amounts of cash. Seems pretty promising right? Don’t worry, there’s more; we’re going to discuss them in todays Achal Chaurasia news!

  1. Good Starting Point for Trading

Binomo offers a lower investment amount making it easier to try out trading with small amounts of cash. This is because the minimum deposit is only $25 or around ₹2000 which means that you can start with a small amount and see how you do. This makes it easier for beginners to get into forex trading without having to worry about losing all their money in the first few tries (which can happen if your first trades are unsuccessful). This is also why Binomo has so many new users joining every day — it’s easier than forex!

2. Easy to Understand the Trading Platform

Binomo offers traders simple and easy-to-understand trading platforms with lots of features to aid the trader.

Binomo has a comprehensive range of trading platforms for all types of traders, from beginners to advanced. The platform offers two different types of accounts: a demo account which allows you to practice on their system without risking your money; live account where you can trade using real money but not risk losing any money.

The mobile app is available for download at Google Play Store or Apple App Store respectively and provides access through an intuitive user interface that supports both Android & iOS devices (iPhone/iPad).

3. More Clear-Cut Policies

Binomo has simpler and more clear-cut terms and conditions than the Forex exchange. Moreover, Binomo usually has regulated certified brokers which means that it has to adhere to stricter rules and regulations than Forex brokers.

Binomo is also based in Europe which means that customers can enjoy lower fees than they would pay if they were trading on an American or Asian platform.

Finally, Binomo is not a scam or Ponzi scheme like many other cryptocurrency exchanges out there today — that’s why we recommend it as your first choice for trading cryptocurrencies!

4. Safer Trading Option

Sure, the returns on investments for Forex are generally much higher than for Binomo trades. This can be due to several reasons, one of them being that there is a higher risk involved for bigger returns in Forex. Binomo is a safer option than Forex because it employs a lot less leverage and riskier investment strategies like day trading or even swings trading. So, unless you don’t want profits to go to waste after a few traddings, it’s better to stick to Binomo!

The Issue of Volatility

Forex has big players in the market who manipulate prices and this is not ideal for beginners in trading. Binomo might not offer such high returns but it is much safer. On the other hand, Forex is a very volatile market and you can lose your entire investment in a few hours. This is not ideal for beginners who wish to start off slowly and gradually build up their bankrolls with dividend payments.

Binomo might not offer such high returns but it is much safer than Forex as there are no big players controlling the market like in Forex where most of the trading happens between large corporations or banks that have access to huge capital reserves.

And, because of the high minimum investment amount required by most Forex brokers, it makes it harder to invest in them especially if you are a new trader who wants to get a feel of how things work in the market first before they invest large sums. You can start by learning from other traders. Some of them have experience in trading, some don’t. But all of them know that it is important to get a feel for how things work in the market before investing large sums.

This is what makes Binomo better than forex for new traders because one thing about Forex is that you need to have enough money to trade with it, but with Binomo, there are no minimum investments required which means anyone can start trading without having any capital at all!


As we’ve discussed in today Achal Chaurasia news, the Binomo platform is definitely a good choice for beginners because of its ease of use and low-risk nature. It also offers simple trading terms and conditions which can be easily understood by anyone without any previous experience in trading. This makes it easier to get started with trading on this platform, as long as you have some initial capital to invest into your account. Its returns are also higher than what Forex offers which means that you will earn more if you decide to switch from one broker to another at some point during your time in the market!



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